If you’re someone who’s looking to explore the world, you’ll want to make sure you do plenty of planning so that you can go where your heart desires without having to worry about any issues along the way. One of the items on your to-do list as you plan for the journey ahead is getting travel insurance. That being said, many might not know how much coverage travel insurance will offer them or what travel insurance doesn’t cover. If you’re looking into travel insurance, let’s take a closer look at what it covers and what some common exclusions are that you can expect to encounter.

What Will a Travel Insurance Policy Cover?

So, what exactly does a travel insurance policy cover? While the degree of coverage will vary depending on the type of policy you choose or whether you pursue any add-ons, there are some commonalities between the different types of travel insurance policies. Here’s what your policy will typically cover.

  • The main reason for getting travel insurance is to protect yourself in the event that you become sick or injured while you’re abroad. Most insurance policies in the U.S. only cover you if you get hurt here, so having travel insurance will give you some type of protection if you fall ill or are involved in an accident where you become injured.
  • Worried about losing your baggage when you’re traveling or worried that it might happen again? Nothing’s worse than having to go through and replace everything that was in your bag should it be mishandled and become lost while you’re traveling. Fortunately, a good travel insurance policy should provide you with compensation for your items if this happens to you.
  • Cancelations and emergency evacuations, while not extremely frequent, are bound to happen now and again. Unfortunately, when these things do happen, you’re the one who has to pay up to deal with them. Having a travel insurance policy could serve to protect you in the event of these developments so that you can move ahead with your journey knowing you’re covered.

What Are Some Exclusions I Should Be Prepared for?

Having a travel insurance policy is a good thing, but all insurance policies have limitations or exclusions that you will need to plan for. The last thing you want to deal with while you’re traveling is unforeseen expenses caused by thinking that your travel insurance would cover you. If you’re getting travel insurance, some of the main exclusions that you can expect with your travel insurance include:

  • Travel insurance will not cover you for trips that are canceled because you no longer feel like going or because you decided last minute that you didn’t want to be on a certain flight for whatever reason. Equally, you’re not going to be covered should you decide to cancel a trip due to bad weather that you’re still able to travel through and be in. However, some insurance policies may help you in the latter scenario.
  • You may not be covered medically if you have a pre-existing condition, are pregnant and end up giving birth naturally on your trip, or are engaging in illegal activities or taking illicit substances while you’re abroad. Be smart about how you travel and know what types of conditions your insurance provider won’t cover.
  • Travel insurance likely won’t cover you in other scenarios like needing therapy while you’re outside of your country (or even traveling in the country) or encountering dangerous situations like being in the middle of a riot. Know when you’re in the right state of mind to travel and what dangers may lie ahead.

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