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What Disability Coverage May Cover

Disability Insurance is protection against an illness or injury that may result in the loss of income for a period of time. Most people today when they talk about their most valuable asset they mention their car, their home or other possessions. They have no problem with insuring these items from loss or damage.

But the reality of it is – your most valuable asset is YOU.

What happens if you are no longer able to work and bring in income? Having all of these other possessions would mean nothing. That is where disability insurance comes in to provide a source of replacement income if you are unable to work due to an illness or accident.

Please think about this:

  • If you were unable to work how long could you and your family afford to go without a paycheck?
  • If you were unable to work how long could you pay for your mortgage or rent?
  • If you were unable to work would you have to tap into the money that you saved for retirement?
  • You insure everything around you. What is the value you put on YOU?

You also have to think long term. How much do you earn in a year and what would that be over a lifetime.

A 25-year-old worker who makes $50,000 a year and suffers a permanent disability could lose $3.8 million in future earnings. For all these reasons, almost anyone who works—whether they’re single, married, with children or without—should consider disability insurance.

Find out more about how long-term and short-term disability insurance are preferred benefits for employees that ensure income during an extended illness.

Learn why having disability insurance should be an essential part of your financial plan.

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