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What Disability Insurance May Cover

Disability Insurance is protection against an illness or injury that may result in the loss of income for some time. Most people today when they talk about the most valuable asset they mention their car, their home, or other possessions. They have no problem with insuring these items from loss or damage.

Have you thought about insuring your most important asset: your ability to work? Injury and illness can leave you unable to work, and without income, it can be difficult to pay your medical bills and your daily expenses.

Learn why having disability insurance should be an essential part of your financial plan.

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How Disability Insurance Works

But the reality of it is – your most valuable asset is YOU.

You probably have insurance on many of your valuable possessions, but have you thought about insuring your most important asset: your ability to work? Injury and illness can leave you unable to work, and without income, it can be difficult to pay your medical bills and your daily expenses. By purchasing disability insurance, you can receive a portion of your income and use it to pay for your bills or anything else that may come up while you are out of work. Your policy could cover any of the following:

  • Partial Disability
  • Total Disability (Own-Occupation or All-Occupation)
  • Presumptive Disability
  • Mental Illness
  • Complications from Pregnancy and more!

For workers in Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan, Queens, or anywhere else in NYC, Margolis & Associates are considered top disability insurance brokers in the area. We can help you find long-term long term care insurance in NYC and nearby communities, so don’t hesitate to call us with your questions.

Why is Disability Insurance Important?

Disability insurance is a crucial safety net that many often overlook. In a bustling city like NYC, where life moves at a rapid pace, unexpected incidents can alter one’s ability to earn a living. As a trusted agency in NYC, Margolis & Associates understands the unique risks residents face, whether they’re in Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn. This understanding makes it imperative for residents to consider disability insurance as a pivotal part of their financial planning. If you do not plan for contingencies, you could be blindsided when they arrive, putting you in a difficult financial position.

Living in such a dynamic environment means that NYC residents need to be prepared for any sudden changes in their circumstances. Not having disability insurance can lead to financial hardships, especially if the primary earner in the household faces an unexpected disability. With the right agency guiding you, securing a policy tailored to your needs becomes a seamless process. Remember, disability insurance isn’t just a safeguard, but a commitment to ensuring the well-being of you and your loved ones. If you want to make sure that you have the right financial safety plan in place, reach out to our team today. 

Types of Disability Coverage

If your employer provides workers’ compensation insurance, you may think that you don’t need disability coverage; think again! Workers’ compensation only covers injuries that happen during work hours and illnesses that result from conditions in the workplace. If you get hurt when you are not at work, or if you get sick from something unrelated to your job, you could be stuck drawing from your savings to pay for daily expenses. Luckily, workers in Brooklyn, NY, Queens, and all around the country do have other options to make up income when they are sick or injured.

As the name suggests, short-term disability plans can cover you when you are out of work for a short period. Depending on the policy, this could be anywhere from 9 weeks up to one year. New York is one of the few states that offers a limited form of short-term disability coverage, so if you work in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, NY, or any of the NYC boroughs, you have access to short-term disability coverage for up to 26 weeks. Of course, that only covers half the term offered by many short-term disability plans, so workers in NYC and other communities in the Empire State may want to look into purchasing supplemental insurance to cover the gap between state-sponsored insurance and long-term disability plans.


This type of coverage can compensate you for disabling injury or illness for a time ranging anywhere from 2 years to the day you retire. These plans can offer up to 60% of your gross monthly income while you are out of work. There are many different types of long-term disability policies available to workers in NYC, so it’s best to call an insurance broker if you are considering purchasing this insurance.

If you are interested in obtaining disability coverage, get in touch with us at our Manhattan office right away by calling (212) 684-0711, or by sending an email to info@margolisandassociates.com. In addition to providing policies to workers in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, NY, we can also assist you in obtaining Nassau County disability insurance.

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