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How Life Insurance Works

All insurance carrier’s rates are the same for each age and health rating. Regardless if they’re quoted online or from an agent. Websites show you rates for “preferred best” whether you will qualify or not.

At Margolis & Associates we look at “YOU” and your ability to qualify, and then we match you to the best company that fits your needs.

Your individual age and circumstance would dictate which type or types would be appropriate. We are here to ask the right questions to help you select the life coverage that best suits you and your objectives.

There are many different types of Life Insurance options  available today.  They all fall into two categories: Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance is designed to meet a need for a specific time period.

As an example, making sure your children will have the funds to go to college if you are no longer here or to making sure your spouse has enough funds to pay for the mortgage.

Permanent insurance is coverage that is priced and designed to last a lifetime, not 10, 20 or 30 years.

All Permanent insurance accumulate cash value either through carrier dividends as in Whole Life or through underlying investments of mutual funds as in Variable Life Insurance or in an interest rate sensitive account as in Universal Life.

We know that most online websites give the impression that they’re saving you money because no one will call”. Nothing could be further from the truth. All insurance carrier’s rates are the same for each age and health rating, regardless if they’re quoted online or from an agent.

We represent over 200 “A” rated carriers and can assist you with the personal touch in finding the right match for you.

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