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Cost-Effective Benefits Package


We’ve built a reputation in the market through years of delivering high quality and personalized service. We are proud to be currently serving over 1,500 clients. WE TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF COVERAGE We work with your business to formulate your best options for a cost effective insurance benefit package which will keep pace with today’s competitive marketplace. We will help you decipher the deductibles, co-insurances and maximum out of pocket limits along with the different networks available to groups and individuals.

Do You Need Advice On Your Personal Insurance Needs?

WE DO THE LEG WORK TO SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY We offer choices from over 200 different insurance companies in order to achieve the best value for your insurance dollar balancing both price and benefits. CONSULTANTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LIFE We are pros at controlling rising annual costs of benefits, a top business challenge. We extend that by offering our expert guidance with your personal insurance planning needs from term insurance to complex estate planning issues. Additionally, we provide you with a strategy for protecting your income with Disability Insurance and your senior years with Long Term Care.

How Much Can You Save?

Is your broker giving you all the support you are entitled to? Call us to help you answer these questions and more.

We provide expert analysis & consulting, top-rated service teams, benefit options & HR technology solutions.

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