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At Margolis & Associates, we offer all types of medical insurance available in the under and over 50 employee marketplaces for communities like Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. No matter how big or small your company may be, we can find the best health insurance plans that fit into your budget. In addition, we can assist you with individual healthcare insurance solutions (including Medicare supplement plans) even if you are no longer covered under your employer’s medical insurance plan.

Looking for affordable health insurance in the Bronx, Queens, and surrounding areas?

Not sure what kind of health coverage you need? Medical insurance is categorized into three basic types of coverage: HMO, POS/PPO, and Consumer Directed.

Most healthcare plans offered today are purchased without requiring you to receive a referral from your primary care doctor to see a specialist. There are still some carriers who will offer you some additional savings for accepting health insurance plans that require referrals.

We have over 50 years of business experience and can offer our clientele flexible, customized health insurance solutions. Whether you need healthcare insurance that offers unparalleled coverage for large companies or healthcare plans that are affordable for small businesses on a budget, our team can go over all your options with you.

What Are Differences Between A HMO, PPO/POS And Consumer Directed Health Plans?

Finding the right health insurance plan can be a daunting task. Margolis & Associates can inform you of the primary differences and cost considerations to help you to select a health insurance package that that works for you and your employees.

Here are some of the healthcare and insurance plan options we can help you with:

What is an HMO? In an HMO design, you must use the healthcare providers within the network of the medical insurance carrier you have chosen in order to receive benefits.

Physicians and healthcare providers contract with insurance providers to join a network, also known as a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). This contract provides members of the plan with discounted access to services within the network.

  • Members’ HMO coverage is restricted to the hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and specialists like oncologists or obstetricians within the group.
  • Under an HMO plan, before seeking the guidance of an in-network specialist, a referral from your primary physician is required if they are unable to treat the problem.

There are no benefits in this type of health coverage if you want to see a provider or hospital who is not participating with your health insurance company. The only exception to that is emergency room services at hospitals outside your HMO area where you would be covered regardless of your medical insurance network.

Medical insurance can be complicated. Margolis & Associates is here to help you find affordable health insurance that meets your medical insurance needs in the Bronx, Queens, and surrounding areas.

 What is a PPO/POS? Short for Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Point Of Service (POS).  

These types of plans combine covered in-network providers with the addition of partial coverage when you venture to providers outside the group.

  • With a PPO plan, you do not need to seek a primary physician’s referral before seeking a specialist or medical service out of the network.
  • With a POS plan (think hybrid HMO and PPO), you are required to seek a referral from an in-network primary physician first, then you can receive insurance coverage for that referred out-of-network specialist.
  • In the POS/PPO design once you have reached an out of network deductible you will start to receive reimbursements from the health insurance carrier for out of network services.

The New Wave Of Medical Insurance

Learn about the changing world of medical insurance plans, premiums, and benefits so you can make decisions that make sense for you.

A new category of plan design has been gaining interest as costs have been rising called Consumer Directed Health Plans or Health Savings Accounts.

Individual Health Insurance And Medicare Coverage Options in NYC

No matter what the size of your company, Margolis & Associates can give you information on a range of health insurance plans from the best medical insurance companies in the country.

We are a trusted source of information for all types of individual healthcare insurance including  Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. If you want to change your health insurance plan, we are the agency to call.

Do you need to review health insurance plans for yourself or find health coverage for you and your family?

We can also advise you on medical insurance plans for individuals.

  • Understanding the deductibles and co-insurances along health insurance plans available for individuals can be complicated.

Margolis & Associates is here to help you find affordable health insurance that meets your needs in the Bronx, Queens, and surrounding areas. In addition to providing private and government-sponsored medical insurance, we can also assist you in obtaining other types of insurance:

  • Do you want to protect your family by purchasing Life Insurance in NYC boroughs like Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island?
  • The costs of staying in nursing homes or senior living communities are rising every day, but when you purchase NYC Long-term Care Insurance, you can be prepared for them.
  •  Will you be able to pay your health insurance bills if you’re out of work after an accident or illness? When you purchase Disability Insurance in NYC, you can be ready for anything.
  • By purchasing Travel Insurance in NYC, you can get coverage for unforeseen events like lost baggage, injury or illness while traveling in a foreign country.

We are experts in helping employers select and implement cost-effective Employee Benefits health insurance packages that bests even what the healthcare providers themselves and their employees can offer.

  • Selecting a medical group plan for your team may be one of the most beneficial business moves you make.
  • There are a wealth of advantages that come with supporting your team with healthcare benefits.
  • If you’re hoping to boost your company’s overall wellbeing in unexpected ways, you may be surprised at just how beneficial a group plan can be.

During our time in business, we have developed relationships with all the top medical insurance companies in the area, so we know what’s available. If you need to set up Employee Benefits in NYC or you want to change your health insurance plan, we are the agency to call.

Do you need assistance with Medicare plans, Medicare supplement insurance, or Medicaid insurance plans? Or maybe you’re not sure.

You may qualify for low-cost medical insurance through the government or private insurers approved by the government. Some people are enrolled in Medicare plan automatically but others will need to sign up. You may also want to consider a Medicare Advantage plan, also known as Part C.

Navigating these medical insurance plans can be confusing for anyone, but with the experts at Margolis & Associates on your team, it will be simple to find the best health insurance package for you.

The team at Margolis & Associates can help you find good travel insurance, medical insurance, and more whether you live in Brooklyn, Bronx, or anywhere nearby. For additional Insurance Package Options and Plans see Margolis & Associates Products & Services.

Margolis & Associates is one of the most trusted insurance agencies in the Empire State.

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