When planning a long trip, you should consider setting up travel insurance. Travel insurance is especially beneficial if you’re someone who often travels or will be taking long trips. If you live in the New York City area and will be traveling, consider how travel medical insurance can benefit you.

What Is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance is a type of insurance that covers emergency medical expenses while on a trip. It’s ideal for when you’re traveling and become injured, have a complication of a medical condition, or fall ill. Your plan should reimburse you up to the limits outlined in your policy.

The insurance you receive may cover reasonable and customary charges for many or all of the following:

  • Medicines and other prescriptions
  • Doctor bills
  • Ambulance services
  • Dental care (look into what the special limits are for the dental payout as this amount may be less)
  • Hospital/operating room charges
  • Examinations, lab tests, x-rays, treatments

Common Forms of Travel Medical Insurance

There are two main forms of travel medical insurance that you can get from most providers.

  • Stand-Alone Medical: The stand-alone medical insurance plans cover emergency dental and medical expenses when traveling. Be aware that this won’t cover other types of things that are typical for travel insurance like baggage coverage and trip cancellation insurance.
  • Part of a Comprehensive Plan: With a comprehensive plan, not only will you have emergency medical coverage, but you get package coverage for trip delays/cancellations, baggage loss, and emergency medical evacuation, among other things. 

It’s important to remember that you can only use travel medical insurance for actual emergencies. You can’t use it for elective procedures, even if you decide that you’d prefer to get surgery or a certain treatment in another country. It is what you’d use if unforeseen events happen before or during your trip.

It’s a good idea to find out what options are available under the travel insurance umbrella from your insurance company and have them put together a package that best meets your needs. It’s great to be able to customize to your particular situation. Discuss travel insurance in NYC with the expert team here at Margolis & Associates. We also act as an insurance broker in NYC.

Baggage Loss

If you want protection in the instance of losing your baggage or having it get stolen or damaged, make sure to get baggage insurance. You may get this as part of your renters or homeowners insurance. It’s not only for baggage that you stow away on a plane or train, you also can get coverage for personal possessions you’re traveling with such as a backpack. This typically will give you only the depreciated value of your belongings, not an amount that would be enough for all new items. You can get coverage for baggage delays since you’ll have to buy some replacement items until you receive your baggage.

Select a Travel Insurance Plan That Makes Sense for You

Talk to an insurance representative from Margolis & Associates if you’re in New York City or the surrounding areas and you need travel insurance. We’d love to help you get the right coverage so you can have peace of mind when you take trips. Reach out to us today and learn about our offerings of travel medical insurance and comprehensive insurance packages.