HMO Plan: You can generally expect to pay a little less in monthly premiums.

Depending on the Group Health Insurance in NYC you opt for, you often only pay a copay for in-network services, don’t have to file a claim after receiving services, and many plans boast little or no yearly deductible before your medical coverage kicks in.

If your favorite family doctor is in-network, you don’t plan on needing healthcare while traveling, or your network includes extensive service options within your hometown, then an HMO with a lower premium may be your go-to option.

PPO Plan: You can expect a slightly higher premium because of the greater flexibility of service options.

Along with potentially higher premiums, many PPO/POS plans require that a deductible is met before insurance kicks in. You may also need to pay for out-of-network medical services upfront, and will submit an insurance claim for reimbursement later on.

In general, if you live in a rural area with fewer providers, plan on accessing services while traveling, or want more flexibility with specialty medical care, then a versatile PPO plan may be your best bet.

Learn More About HMO’s & PPOs

With these key differences in mind, it’s time to find an HMO or PPO that meets your specific needs. For a more comprehensive breakdown of the best options, or if you’d like to find an affordable plan, contact our experienced insurance broker in NYC to simplify your search for NYC Medical Insurance and find a reliable plan that’s right for you.