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When you think of your most valuable assets, your home, your car, and maybe some pieces of jewelry make that list, but what about your ability to work? That is more valuable than all of those other things put together. Have you ever thought about how you would make ends meet if you became sick or injured and couldn’t work? Disability insurance can protect you from losing everything if you become unable to work, and for residents of Nassau County and surrounding areas, Margolis & Associates are the insurance brokers they trust to help them select the right plan from those offered by our network of more than 200 top insurers.

If you are interested in purchasing the best long-term disability insurance or short-term disability insurance, get in touch with our team today! Call 212-684-0711 or send an email to info@margolisandassociates.com for more information about these and all the other wonderful insurance products we offer.

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How Does Disability Insurance Work?

While workers’ compensation insurance is designed to compensate you for injuries received at work, it does not cover you for injuries and illnesses that happen outside of the workplace. If you get injured at home, or you sustain an illness unrelated to your work environment, disability insurance can provide compensation in the long or short term. You can use that money for anything you need – use it to pay your bills, buy food, or cover your medical expenses while you recover.

There are many reasons to carry disability insurance:

  • It helps you plan for the unexpected
  • Provides financial protection for you and your family
  • Covers income you may have lost due to injury or illness
  • There are a variety of options to choose from

The team at Margolis & Associates can help you sort through all the disability insurance products available on the market today and choose the ones that work best for your needs and your budget. We serve Nassau County and surrounding communities, so call us today for all your insurance needs in the Empire State.

nassau county disability insurance

Contact Us to Learn More about Disability Insurance Plans in Nassau County, NY

Will you be covered for a non-workplace-related injury or illness? If you have a job, you need long-term disability insurance, short-term disability insurance, or both! You can rely on Margolis & Associates to provide these and other insurance products to give you peace of mind. In addition to being trusted insurance brokers for all types of disability policies for more than 50 years, we can also assist you with setting up a safety net for your family or your workplace. Get in touch with us for Nassau County employee benefits and more!

If you are interested in obtaining disability coverage, get in touch with us at our Manhattan office right away by calling (212) 684-0711, or by sending an email to info@margolisandassociates.com. In addition to providing policies to workers in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, NY, we can also assist you in obtaining Nassau County medical insurance.