While searching for the best medical insurance plans, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the confusing terminology, diverse benefit options, and seemingly endless types of plans available.

Instead of compromising on a plan that may not meet your needs, let’s cover some of the major medical insurance considerations to keep in mind as you search for a plan that’s right for your budget, your lifestyle, and your overall health needs.

1. Does the Plan & Network Cover Your Essentials?

Whether you’re comparing employee healthcare plans, or have opted to search for private insurance through an insurance broker in NYC, it’s important to find a plan that meets your fundamental goals. Before selecting a plan, ask yourself:

  • Does the Plan Include Prefer In-Network Hospitals, Pharmacies, & Specialists?
  • Can You Afford the Deductibles, Co-Pay & Monthly Premiums? 
  • How Much Will You Have to Pay Out of Pocket Before Insurance Covers the Expenses?

2. Find a Plan That Protects Your Budget

Thanks to the flexibility of many modern medical insurance plns, you can often find a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. If you don’t expect to have any major medical expenses like surgery or long-term hospital stays, you may be able to choose a plan that comes with a higher deductible but preserves your budget with a lower monthly premium or reduced co-pays.

On the contrary, if you expect to need more extensive medical care throughout the year, you may want to consider a plan that has a higher monthly premium, but pays for itself if you have costly prescriptions, surgeries, and other major healthcare needs.

3. Research the Provider’s Customer Service & Claim Acceptance

While many enticing medical insurance plans boast phenomenal coverage and provide access to all of your favorite providers, it’s important to do a little research into the provider before signing up. You may want to research how helpful their customer service team is, learn about the insurance claim filing process, and search to see if other customers have had difficulties accessing reimbursements after submitting a claim.

4. How Flexible is the Plan?

Finding a plan that can safely meet your needs in the event of a medical emergency or unexpected healthcare event is a wise consideration to keep in mind. Even if you are otherwise healthy and don’t expect to experience any health problems, it’s often better to choose a plan that has a little more coverage than you anticipate needing. A flexible plan might include:

  • Partial Coverage for Out-of-Network Services
  • Ability to Switch to Different Plan Packages
  • Long-Term Savings, Short-Term Coverage, or Contract-Free Plans

5. Compare the Best Plans with a Professional

After considering the essential aspects of coverage you can comfortably afford, our professional guides will prepare you with the detailed insight you need to make a confident and informed decision. Our medical insurance companies in NYC provide our clients with a depth of personalized support, and we’re happy to pair you with an affordable healthcare plan that meets your every need.